I’ve decided to post this a little later than usual. I’ve started this project a few months ago. The project’s name is “Proiectie”, or “Projection”. It will be about interesting plays of light in photography.

I am not particularly focused on a specific kind of photography, like in other projects, but I’m opened to new ideas, to every kind of photography that I can make. All I am interested in is light and degrees of light, and also on interesting plays of light, ones that we can barely notice in our lives, ones that we tend to ignore. These kinds of photos I would like them to trigger contemplation. Call them haiku of koan photographs if you will. It’s appropriate. :)

I will not talk about the technical aspect of the project but I would like to write about the methods I will use, both in camera and in post-production. All of my images so far are done in black and white because they can emphasize the subject matter better than in color. I will also underexpose or overexpose intentionally some images for different results. I will over-post-process some of them for the same reason, even double or triple process them. I don’t know. I will need to reach a certain kind of result that will show the subjects of the images in a given artistical way. I will use filters off-camera but very little, if none whatsoever. But I will use the ND filters that I’ll put on my lenses sometimes.

Color can be a distraction at times but I will not neglect this aspect. Maybe some of my images will be in color. I don’t know just yet. I am opened to whatever will come up along the way. It’ll be interesting. ;)

Also, some of the images will be nature photographs, and others will be abstract, or landscapes that I will find very interesting and appropriate to include in this project.

Last, but not least, this project may have no end, or maybe it will. It will be completely opened.

So, if you have any suggestions leave them below. Thanks! :D Also, check out the gallery! ;)

Proiectie - Studiu IProiectie - Studiu IIProiectie - Studiu III

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