I am really drawn to music, but also to photography. And I was thinking to make an album, a photo project that really sings, to combine both music and photography.

Music and photography are two of the most popular art forms today that really influence us emotionally and intellectualy. Whether we are listening to a tune at home, in the subway station or in the train, or in our car driving back home, or whether we are travelling and taking photos, these two artistic instruments are accompanying us day in and day out.

But this is really not about photographying musical instruments for example (although I may create some photographs of some musical instruments that I like :) ), it is about plain music and photography. These two medium have something in common: first of all, they both make our hearts sing, or make us sing our heart out :D , and second of all there is music in a good photograph that you are seeing, one that you’d like to put on your wall or would take it with you to look at it and contemplate it from time to time.

A few months ago I was thinking about music measurements, dynamics, tempo, rhythms, harmony and articulations etc., something I am particularly drawn to, in music. There is a sense of mystery and mathematics, for that matter, that I find it really interesting. I also compare it with a very good, excelent photography composition. With these elements in mind I combine both photography and music.

A few years ago I made a photograph, in the last month of winter, on the hills of Secaria, Comarnic County in my country, Romania, and I named it “Crescendo”. I really like this word and from that moment on I thought about making beautiful photography projects with concepts, ideas, stories and they would all come together naturally and beautifully to tell a greater story and bring everyone very interesting information, at least, and great moments to contemplate and share with others. What could be more beautiful than combining them both, photography and music in this other way than the one mentioned above that not only they tell stories but sing to the viewer and to myself including.

Have you ever thought that a photograph could be a symphony? Or a minuet, a ballad, an overture, or even a choral chant? I think it could be, but one has to reveal it in one’s photographs.

That is the goal of the project, to reveal music, its elements and maybe its essence in photography, or to photograph a story sung using music’s compositional elements in photography (and that is not all, I will embark on a journey of discovering music and photography).

Italians, back in the romantic period, used to sing to each other. Their daily life was a musical, I suppose, and no wonder they were very good musicians and very opened emotionally.

So, everywhere I go there is a musical to be made, there is a musical element to be discovered, revealed and contemplated, there is a musical moment, whatever it may be, that really sings to the viewer, and that will be revealed in photographs I will make for this reason, for this project.

Stay tuned! ;)

Piano Stair Stepping - music, photographyCrescendo - music, photographyIn rilievo Misterioso - music, photography

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