Here is the new freebie of this week, a flat design audio player that you can freely use in any of your projects, both for web and for other types of graphic design related projects.

On the web today we see a lot of flat design web applications and sites and this trend has become very popular. Among other trends it is mostly accepted because it’s very simple, quite unique and classy looking and web sites visitors are very drawn to it, to its appearance. But I like the old look of web sites since five or six years ago, for example, that kind of look that most corporate web sites are using even today. I like nice gradients, interesting color combinations, drop shadows or inner shadows, call for action buttons that stand out from the site and draw your attention, patterns and subtle textures that make a design, not break it, and enrich the user experience that I have there.

With these ideas in mind I thought of creating a nice graphical element that subtly looks realistic, kind of natural and flat looking too.

I’ve also written a tutorial on hot to make it, which you can read and follow along from here .

I bring you the flat design audio player.

You can download it here .

Flat Design Audio Player

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