I am The Cydrone

I caress the world with thoughts, I shatter the atmosphere with visions, I splash the bilboards with otherworldly sounds. I am the Cydrone.

I’m all about value. In this day and age value is the most important creation of man. It’s actually what matters the most. Without value there is no civilisation and prosperity whatsoever. And so, I create value and I promote value with my arts.

I believe we must create value for us and for our future generations. If we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we are going.

I also believe in Nature and Wisdom. Both man and Nature has wisdom and intelligence. This is the basis for me, and I insist on creating based on these two core values. With this two I give the third archetype that is my creation. It is mathematical and rigurous, by science, beautiful, symmetrical and true by art and philosophy, and sacred to all of us by spirituality.

The future is not money, but the value that is both human and spiritual in nature and fundamentals.

I scruttinized the past to find the successful models of yore, and I decided to bring them back in a modern form and function so we can all be successful.

Cydrone Creation Studios is about value in art.

Cydrone Archetypal Academy is about value in education, creativity and originality.

My core is uniqueness and originality through creativity first.

The Cydrone Folio

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